hi, i'm kai! better known as vaguelydaydreams, sometimes referred to as vegooly - that's how people tend to say my brand/user name since it's kind of long and vaguely is really not pronounced how it's spelt. some would say i'm an artist or illustrator but i'd say i'm just generally creative and a bit serabut - i come back to drawing and painting a lot, but also dabble in printmaking, sewing, knitting and more . . .i dropped accounting in highschool to take art, and now run an art microbusiness where i struggle to keep up with the bookkeeping.HOWEVER, i am not an artist/entrepreneur/apa2 nak panggilnye full time -i'm actually a UX/Digital Product Designer by day :0

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is it obvious that my favourite colour is blue?

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2022 - NOW

i started choosing pens more often than brushes - i also realised that i don't hate the colour orange anymore.


experimentation, pandemic musings, coming of age self-expression.